A wide selection of great cheeses, fabulous sourdoughs, zero waste staples, fruit and vegetables and locally produced organic meat.  Don’t forget to visit our GARDEN SHOP and CAFE too!


The very best British and local cheeses
 £ per kg
Ambrosi Parmigiano Reggiano – 22 Month Matured£25.00
Berkswell Sheeps Cheese£31.00
Black Bomber£5.00
Black Bomber – cutting£17.00
Caerphilly – Gorwydd£24.00
Cheddar Gorge Cheddar£18.50
Cheddar Hop£14.80
Cheddar Westcombe£12.17
Comte – Fort St.Antoine£30.00
Cornish Kern Whole£24.00
Cornish Yarg£22.00
Dorset Red£15.00
Godminster Heart 200gm£5.95
Godsells Double Gloucester£17.00
Godsells Leonard Stanley£17.00
Gomez Moreno Manchego Cheese DOP£21.00
Gruyere – Le Cret£29.00
Lincolnshire Poacher£21.00
Mull of Kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea£11.50
Red Devil£5.00
Red Leicester – Sparkenhoe£22.00
Single Gloucester£16.00
Single Gloucester£30.00
Snowdonia Red Devil 3kg£18.00
Stoney Cross£22.00
Tete de Moine – WHOLE 1KG£25.00
Truffle Gloucester£32.00
Vintage Camma Cheddar£12.00
 £ per kg
Baron Bigod£29.00
Brebirousse D’Argental£28.00
Brie De Meaux – Rouzaire Whole£20.00
Buche De Chevre£18.00
Camembert- Gillot Black Box£5.40
Cornish Brie£19.00
Delice de Bourgogne£24.00
Delice De Cremiers£25.00
Pave Cobble£8.30
Perl Wen£22.00
Stinking Bishop£40.00
Trevarrian Cornish Chatel£3.50
Vacherin Mont D’Or – Seasonal£22.00
WHOLE 1KG£26.00
 £ per kg
Blue Murder£21.50
Casarrigoni Scooping Gorgonzola£17.00
Mrs Bells Blue£34.00
Oxford Blue£23.00
Perl Las£25.00
Roquefort Papillion  – Societe£43.00
Stilton – Colston Bassett£19.00
 £ per kg
Chive and Onion  Double Gloucester£2.00
Flowery Honey and Goat Log 100gm£2.50
Godsells Holy Smoked£18.50
GODSELLS Village Gossip – Chives£16.80
Rosary Goat Garlic And Herb£23.00
Wensleydale With Cranberries£17.00


Locally produced charcuterie and pies alongside great olives & dips
Pata Negra HamLos Pedroches Boneless Shoulder, 100% Iberico, Belota
Fennel SalamiTuscan Fennel Salami
Home Cooked HamHoney and mustard Ham
Lomo 75% IbericoLos Pedroches Lomo 75% iberico Cebo de Campo
Severn Spots Mild ChrizoMild with Sweet Smoked Paprika, chilli and a touch of Garlic
Peppered SalamiSevern Spots Whole Peppered Salami
SalchichonLos Pedroches Salchichon Iberico Bellota
Severn Spots SopressataMildly spiced with white wine, chilli and garlic
Severn Spots Spicy ChorizoSpicy with Chilli, Paprika and Garlic
Severn Spots Tuscan SalamiHerby with Red Wine and Garlic
Severn Spots Blueberry Salami Sticks
Severn Spots Hot Spot Chorizo Sticks
Severn Spots Peppered Salami Sticks
Severn Spots Sopresatta Salami Sticks
Severn Spots Sweet Spot Chorizo Sticks
Severn Spots Truffle Sticks 
Severn Spots Tuscan Salami Sticks
Severn Spots Walnut Salami Sticks
Cotswold venison pie
Coq au vin pie
Breton chicken pie
Smoked salmon pie
Shin of beef pie
Tartiflette pie
Wild boar & chorizo pie
Seriously cheesy golden beet & bean pie
Sweet Sicilian Natural Green Olives (Stone In)
Black Kalamata Style Olives
Mix Italia Olives
Gordal Olives
Large Green Olives In A Chilli And Herb Marinade
Black Pitted Olives In Sunflower Oil With Garlic
Large Green Olives Stuffed With Sun Dried Tomatoes


We stock a selection of breads and pastries from the marvellous Salt Bakehouse
Stroud fran
Ciabatta large
White Rolls
Seeded Malt
Jalapeno & Cheddar
Mediterranean Loaf
Pain au chocolate
Pain au raisin
Gluten Free White Bread with Linseeds & Chia seeds
Gradz Bakery – Gluten Free Dark Bread with Sunflower Seeds
Rye & Pumpkinseed Bread
Rye Chia & Flax Seed Bread
Rye Sunflower Seed Bread


Fresh and interesting dependent on season

We always have apples, pears, oranges and the other staples in stock.  Varieties will vary dependent on season.  Organic Seville oranges during marmalade making season, new season blood oranges as soon as they are available.

We always source with the seasons in mind but also try to provide an exiting and interesting range to lift those plant based recipes.


Reduce plastic by using your own containers or our brown paper bags to stock up on dry goods
 £ per kg
White ORGANIC Fusilli Pasta£2.69
White ORGANIC Spaghetti£2.69
Wholewheat Penne ORGANIC 10kg£2.69
Essential JUMBO Oats£2.60
Essential Porridge Oats£2.60
GF Oats – porridge£3.20
Oats – porridge£2.60
Og Premium Muesli 10k£6.50
Organic Jumbo Oats£2.70
Wheat Bran£2.80
 £ per kg
Apple Rings£14.00
Apricots So2 Select Grade£5.90
Dates – ORGANIC£9.50
Dates – Whole Pitted GAQ Grade£9.50
Ginger – Crystallised£7.00
Organic Banana Chips£6.60
ORGANIC Hazelnuts£19.50
ORGANIC Whole Almonds£24.50
Roasted Salted Cashews£28.00
Walnuts Halves£17.00
Whole Almonds£17.00
Whole Brazil Nuts£18.00
Bombay Mix£5.00
Fried Broad Beans£9.00
Popcorn – organic£3.50
Roasted Sugared Almonds (Almendra Garrapinada)£22.00
Valencia Almonds Fried in Olive Oil£22.00
Wasabi Peas – Spicy£9.90
 £ per kg
Chia Seeds£9.99
Omega Seed Mix – organic£7.90
Organic Hemp Seeds£8.05
Pumpkin Seeds 1kg£7.85
Sunflower Seeds – Organic£3.90
Blackeye Beans£2.90
Lentils – red split organic£2.60
Mung Beans£5.10
Organic Chickpeas£3.50
Organic Green Lentils£4.70
Organic Green Split Peas£3.60
Organic Red Kidney Beans£4.30
Red Lentils£1.81
Seven Bean Mix ORGANIC£3.79
Soup Mix ORGANIC 12.5kg£4.20
Split Peas – yellow£2.00
 £ per kg
Arborio Rice (bulk)£3.10
Brown Basmati Rice£3.10
Bulgar wheat – coarse£2.40
Couscous- France£2.50
Jasmine Rice ORGANIC£6.50
Organic Brown Basmati 10kg£3.70
Organic White Basmati Rice£4.20
Quinoa Tricolour – Organic£8.40
Rice – arborio organic£5.80
 £ per kg
Black Peppercorns£28.00
Brown Mustard Seeds£10.00
Cardomom Green£72.00
Chilli Powder£9.00
Cinnamon Quills£0.45
Crushed Chillies£13.50
Ground Coriander£5.50
Mixed Herbs –£11.50
Mustard Seeds – Yellow£10.00
Star Anise£26.00
Turmeric Powder£10.00
Whole Black Peppercorn£26.00


Fresh from our own kitchen
Hummus UK grown chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and spices
Muhammara Red pepper and walnut dip originating from Syria
Baba Ganoush Lebanese aubergine and tahini dip
Fennel & Garlic Sausage Roll
Pork & Black Pudding Sausage Roll
Individual Savory Tarts
Honey Roast Ham
Mustard Glazed Ham


A careful selection of drinks from local producers and further afield
Hobsons Postmans Plum Porter 500ml£3.30
Hobsons Shropster 500ml£3.00
Box Steam Brewery Derail Ale£2.60
Box Steam Brewery Tunnel Vision£2.40
Burkes Blockety Blonde Beer 500ml£2.60
Burkes Shin Kickers Beer 500ml£2.60
Butcombe Haka£3.85
Cotswold Brew Co IPA 330ml£2.85
Gloucester Brewery Dockside Dark£3.15
Gloucester Brewery Gloucester Gold£2.95
Hobsons Old Prickly£2.85
Hobsons Postmans Knock£2.95
Hobsons Shropshire Stout£2.85
Hook Norton Brewery Old Hooky£2.80
Hook Norton Brewery Twelve Days£3.00
Hook Norton Greedy Goose Ale 500ml£3.00
Hop Drop Pale Ale 500ml£3.65
Lost & Grounded No Rest For Dancers Red Ale 440ml£3.90
North Cotswold Brewery Cotswold Best£2.95
Prescott Ales 2 Bottle Gift Box£12.50
Prescott Ales 3 Bottle Gift Box£13.00
Prescott Ales Grand Prix£3.50
Prescott Ales Hill Climb£3.30
Severn Brewing Double Dry Hopped Pale£2.50
Severn Brewing Golden IPA£2.50
Cotswold Brewing Company Premium Lager£2.50
Lost and Grounded Keller Pils£2.40
Bushel & Peck Fresh & Crisp Cider £3.50
Pearsons Cider Blush £3.50
Pearsons Medium Dry Cider £3.40
Perry’s Cider – Farmhouse Cider ‘Barn Owl’ £6.50
Perry’s Somerset Cider 3 Bottle Gift Box £10.50
Perry’s Somerset Cider Grey Heron 1L Flagon £6.50
Saxby’s Plum cider £3.30
Saxby’s Rhubarb Cider £3.25
Wye Valley Meadery Elderflower & Honey £3.45
Wye Valley Meadery Hops & Honey £3.45
Wye Valley Meadery Mango Mosaic 330ml £3.45
Wye Valley Meadery Rhubarb & Honey £3.45
Severn Cider Sparkling Perry £3.30
Mulled Cider Kit £10.50
Orchard Revival – HERITAGE £2.75
Orchard Revival Perry £2.75
Dunkertons CRAFT Cider 500ml £2.45
Dunkertons PERRY 500ml £2.65
Dunkertons Breakwells Cider 500ml £2.70
Dunkertons VINTAGE Cider 660ml £3.75
Orchard Revival – FESTIVAL CIDER £2.75
Woodchester Valley Bacchus 18£14.50
Woodchester Valley Brut£23.95
Woodchester Valley Brut Rose£26.95
Piattelli Malbec 2018£15.95
 Cruel Mistress  2018£16.49
 Mazerolles 2016 – Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux£13.49
Time Waits For No One 2017£12.99
Boundary Line Shiraz 2017£8.99
Colomba Bianca Vitese Nero d’Avola DOC 2018£10.49
Maggio Old Vines Zinfandel 2017£12.99
Mariana Red 2018 – Herdade do Rocim£10.49
Negroamaro IGP Salento 2017 -Il Pumo£9.99
Ondarre Rioja Reserva 2014£15.99
Pinot Grigio Blush Venezie 2017 – Sacchetto£9.75
Albente Falanghina 2018 -San Gregorio£11.99
Boundary Line Chardonnay 2017£9.49
Faultline Sauvignon Blanc 2018£11.75
Mariana White 2018 – Herdade do Rocim£10.45
Tahbilk Marsanne 2018£13.99
Terroir Picpoul De Pinet 2018 – Gerard Bertrand£13.00
Kilcott Valley Monarch’s Way Wine£14.95
Spuncombe Bottom Vineyard Dr Roberts Sparkling Wine£24.95
Spuncombe Bottom Vineyard Dr Roberts White Wine£12.95
6 oclock Gin 35cl£26.50
6 O’Clock Sloe Gin 35cl£21.50
6 O’Clock Sloe Gin Miniature 5cl£4.50
6 O’Clock Sloe Gine 70cl£35.00
BG ‘On the Rocks’ Gift Box£18.00
Capreolus Distillery Garden Swift Gin 50cl£40.00
Cotswolds Distilleries Dry Gin£39.00
Cotswolds Dry Gin 20cl£17.00
Cotswolds Dry Gin 5cl£5.50
Penrhos Spirits Apple & Elderflower Gin£39.00
Sibling Apple, Blackberry & Cardamom Gin£25.00
TOAD Ashmolean Dry Gin£37.00
TOAD Ashmolean Dry Gin Miniature 5cl£6.50
Twisting Spirits Earl Grey Gin£43.00
Twisting Spirits Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass Gin£43.00
BG Blackberry Gin Liqueur 35cl£16.00
BG ‘From the Fields’ Gift Box£18.00
BG ‘Mix It Up’ Gift Box£18.00
BG Quince Gin Liqueur 35cl£16.00
Elderflower Gin Liqueur 5cl£3.50
Quince Liqueur Miniature£3.50
Chase Elderflower Liqueur 5cl£4.50
Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur£40.00
Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 35cl£25.00
Juneberry Liqueur 20cl£17.50
Juneberry Liqueur 50cl£36.50
White Heron British Cassis£12.75
Burning Barn Smoked Rum Miniature 5cl£6.00
Burning Barn Spiced Rum Miniature 5ml£6.00
Burning Barn 700cl HONEY RUM£35.95
Burning Barn 70cl SPICED RUM£43.00
TOAD Pure Rye Spirit£39.00
Wood Bros Sloe & Damson Vodka£39.00


Wildlife friendly Organic farm only 3 miles from us. Aberdeen Angus beef, Suffolk and Hampshire lamb and Gloucester Old Spot pigs
Unsmoked Dry Cured Bacon
Smoked Dry Cured Bacon
Toulouse Pork & Herb Sausages
Traditional Pork Sausages
Merguez – spiced lamb sausages
Traditional Chippolatas
Minced Pork
Diced Pork
Beef Mince
Diced Braising Steak
Diced Lamb
Whole Chicken
Chicken Breast Fillets

Milk and Eggs

Organic Semi-skimmed refill station. Free Range eggs from 2 miles away.

We get 30 litre pergols of semi-skimmed milk from the wonderful small organic Woefuldane Dairy Farm near Minchinhampton allowing you to fill up your own reusable bottles (which we sell too).  We also stock Wofuldane butter.

Beautiful blue Cotswold Legbar eggs and standard brown shaver eggs from Dave who’s farm is only 2 miles away!

We stock cream, kefir and yoghurt from another local organic dairy farm near Gloucester.  Jess’ Ladies recently won the Observer Food Monthly award for best supplier!