We stock a carefully curated range of plants from ornamentals to edibles and seeds.  We also carry a wide range of tools, garden ironwork, stoneware, houseplants and birdcare.  Don’t forget to visit our CAFE and DELI too!


Wide selection now in stock.
Candyland Hot pink and ivory striped. Scented
Compassion Salmon pink and apricot. Scented
Danse du Feu Scarlet red and orange. Scented
Dublin Bay Velvety red. Light scent
Eden Rose Creamy white with pink. Light scent
Golden Showers Bright Yellow. Scented
Handel Cream edged pink.
Lilac Bouquet Lilac clusters. Scented
Scent From Heaven Salmon orange. Stunning perfume
Soleil Vertical Soft Yellow. Highly scented
Westerland Apricot Orange. Hoghly scented
White Cloud White. Light scent
Zepherine Drouhin Carmine pink. Highly scented
Bathsheba Apricot Climber. Highly scented
Clare Austin Pale creamy yellow climber. Scented
Constance Spry Clear pink climber. Scented
Dame Judi Dench Deep apricot. Scented
Darcy Bussell Rich crimson. Scented
Desdemona White, highly scented
Grace Gingery apricot. Light scent
Graham Thomas Yellow. Highly scented
Lady Emma Hamilton Orange. Highly scented
Olivia Rose Austin Mid pink. Highly scented.
Roald Dahl Peachy orange. Scented myrrh
Snow Goose White clusters. Musk scented rambler
Strawberry Hill Mid pink, myrrh scented climber
Susan William Ellis White. Beautiful scent
The Alnwick Rose Pink to soft apricot.Highly scented
The Mill on The Floss Pink with dark pink edges. Highly scented
Tranquility Pale yellow to white.Light scent
Wollerton Old Hall Pale pinky apricot to cream climber, Highly scented myrrh
Absolutely Fabulous Golden Yellow. Highly scented
Adams Rose Purple. Highly scented. Meningitis Trust
Arctic Blue Mauve lavender to cream. Scented. Sweet fruit
Betty Boop Ivory cherry stripes. Scented
Clodagh McGredy Apricot. Highly scented
Eyes For You Light pink, purple eye. Highly scented
Great Expectations Apricot pink blend. Highly scented.
Koresia Bright yellow. Highly scented
Lest We Forget Red. Light scent
Minerva Deep purple. Stunning perfume
Old Port Purple pink clusters. Highly scented
Rebecca Mary Apricot with golden centre. Scented
Sexy Rexy Soft pink, Scented
Sheila’s Perfume Yellow with red edges. Good perfume
Sweet Honey Peach to honey. Fruity scent
Titanic Cream. Exquisite scent
Vintage Classic Lavender pink. Sweetly scented
Young Love Dark red clusters. Light scent £10.00
Deep Secret Deep velvet red. Highly scented
Fragrant Cloud Coral scarlet. Highly scented
Happy Ruby Wedding Red. Highly scented
Just Joey Coppery orange. Scented
Olivia Pink. Highly Scented
Peaudouce Pale Yellow. Scented
Rachel Peach and Pink. Highly scented
Sarah Creamy white. Highly scented
Silver Anniversary Pure white. Scented
Warm Wishes Peach. Highly scented
Whisky Mac Deep Golden Yellow,
Whiter Shade Of Pale Soft pink. Highly scented
Diamond Pure white. Highly scented
Diamond Eyes Deep purple with a white eye. Scented
Frothy White clusters. Light scent
Greenhalls Glory White and blush pink. Light scent
Lucky Stars Dark red. Light scent
Sweet Dream Deep apricot.Light scent
Sweet Memories Pale lemon yellow. Light scent


Quirky cacti, lush foliage and exotic orchids
Adromischus mix
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera lge
Big Cactus Ball Terracotta
Cactus 15cm pot
Cactus Cereus Peruvianus
Cactus Cereus Spiralis
Cactus rustic terracotta
Ceropegia Woodii hanging pot
Crassula 5.5cm
Areca ceramic
Asplenium Leslie
Calathea Medallion
Calathea pict. Argentea
Calathea rufibarba
Codiaeum mix stem 5.5
Dracaena Dragon mix
Ficus lyrata
Ficus mix
Howea Forsteriana
Monstera Leichtlinii
Ficus pumila
Hedera mixed
Hoya carn. Albomarginata
Azalea 15cm pot £6.00
azalea in a basket £10.00
Cyclamen basket trio £11.75
Cyclamen Mixed 13cm pot £6.99
Cambrian Orchid £20.00
Hyacinth teacup £12.99
Aeschynanthus – Hang Pot £23.49


Potted bulbs perfect for the patio or a gift and a colourful range of summer flowering bulbs ready to plant


Elegant, long lasting and practical

Wide range of carbon steel and stainless steel tools including a lightweight selection.  Built to last!

Bypass, anvil and ratchet all stocked.

High quality and robust.  Galvanised or polypropylene.


Carefully chosen varieties - many locally discovered
Apple Ashmeads Kernel M116
Apple Beauty of Bath MM106
Apple Blenheim Orange M26
Apple Bramley 20 MM106
Apple Christmas Pippin MM106
Apple Cornish Gilliflower M116
Apple Howgate Wonder MM106
Apple Red Windsor MM106
Apple Worcester Pearmain MM106
Apricot Goldcot
Apricot Tomcot
Cherry Burcombe (Gisela5)
Gage Early Transparent (St Julien A)
Pear Black Worcester (Kirchensaller)
Pear Concorde (Quince Eline)
Pear Conference (Quince Eline)
Pear Williams Bon Chretien (Quince A)
Plum Avalon St Julien A 1yr
Plum Warwickshire Drooper half std St Julien A 2yr
Plum Yellow Pershore St Julien A 1yr
Quince Isfahan quince A 1yr
Blackcurrant Ben Connan
Blackcurrant Ben Sarek
Blueberry Vaccinium Corybosum
Gooseberry Captivator
Whitecurreant Blanka


Thompson & Morgan. Flowers, vegetables, peas and beans plus a small garden / patio range


A selection of wild bird foods, beautiful bird tables and feeders

Classic seed mix, No More Mess, peanuts, mealworms, fat balls and sunflower hearts all stocked

We stock a selection of tables and feeders including the Tom Chambers slate roofed range

Hedgehog numbers have fallen by 66% in the last 20 years.  We stock specialist hedgehog food and nesting boxes to help our prickly friends!