We stock a carefully curated range of plants from ornamentals to edibles and seeds.  We also carry a wide range of tools, garden ironwork, stoneware, houseplants and birdcare.  Don’t forget to visit our CAFE and DELI too!


Bare Root Roses

Wide selection now in stock. Now is the perfect time to plant - simply line a hole with compost and water well!
CandylandHot pink and ivory striped. Scented£12.50
CompassionSalmon pink and apricot. Scented£12.50
Danse du FeuScarlet red and orange. Scented£12.50
Dublin BayVelvety red. Light scent£12.50
Eden RoseCreamy white with pink. Light scent£12.50
Golden ShowersBright Yellow. Scented£12.50
HandelCream edged pink.£12.50
Lilac BouquetLilac clusters. Scented£12.50
Scent From HeavenSalmon orange. Stunning perfume£12.50
Soleil VerticalSoft Yellow. Highly scented£12.50
WesterlandApricot Orange. Hoghly scented£12.50
White CloudWhite. Light scent£12.50
Zepherine DrouhinCarmine pink. Highly scented£12.50
BathshebaApricot Climber. Highly scented£20.00
Clare AustinPale creamy yellow climber. Scented£20.00
Constance SpryClear pink climber. Scented£20.00
Dame Judi DenchDeep apricot. Scented£20.00
Darcy BussellRich crimson. Scented£20.00
DesdemonaWhite, highly scented£20.00
GraceGingery apricot. Light scent£20.00
Graham ThomasYellow. Highly scented£20.00
Lady Emma HamiltonOrange. Highly scented£20.00
Olivia Rose AustinMid pink. Highly scented.£20.00
Roald DahlPeachy orange. Scented myrrh£20.00
Snow GooseWhite clusters. Musk scented rambler£20.00
Strawberry HillMid pink, myrrh scented climber£20.00
Susan William EllisWhite. Beautiful scent£20.00
The Alnwick RosePink to soft apricot.Highly scented£20.00
The Mill on The FlossPink with dark pink edges. Highly scented£20.00
TranquilityPale yellow to white.Light scent£20.00
Wollerton Old HallPale pinky apricot to cream climber, Highly scented myrrh£20.00
Absolutely FabulousGolden Yellow. Highly scented£10.00
Adams RosePurple. Highly scented. Meningitis Trust£10.00
Arctic BlueMauve lavender to cream. Scented. Sweet fruit£10.00
Betty BoopIvory cherry stripes. Scented£10.00
Clodagh McGredyApricot. Highly scented£10.00
Eyes For YouLight pink, purple eye. Highly scented£10.00
Great ExpectationsApricot pink blend. Highly scented.£10.00
KoresiaBright yellow. Highly scented£10.00
Lest We ForgetRed. Light scent£10.00
MinervaDeep purple. Stunning perfume£10.00
Old PortPurple pink clusters. Highly scented£10.00
Rebecca MaryApricot with golden centre. Scented£10.00
Sexy RexySoft pink, Scented£10.00
Sheila’s PerfumeYellow with red edges. Good perfume£10.00
Sweet HoneyPeach to honey. Fruity scent£10.00
TitanicCream. Exquisite scent£10.00
Vintage ClassicLavender pink. Sweetly scented£10.00
Young LoveDark red clusters. Light scent£10.00
Deep SecretDeep velvet red. Highly scented£10.00
Fragrant CloudCoral scarlet. Highly scented£10.00
Happy Ruby WeddingRed. Highly scented£10.00
Just JoeyCoppery orange. Scented£10.00
OliviaPink. Highly Scented£10.00
PeaudoucePale Yellow. Scented£10.00
RachelPeach and Pink. Highly scented£10.00
SarahCreamy white. Highly scented£10.00
Silver AnniversaryPure white. Scented£10.00
Warm WishesPeach. Highly scented£10.00
Whisky MacDeep Golden Yellow,£10.00
Whiter Shade Of PaleSoft pink. Highly scented£10.00
DiamondPure white. Highly scented£10.00
Diamond EyesDeep purple with a white eye. Scented£10.00
FrothyWhite clusters. Light scent£10.00
Greenhalls GloryWhite and blush pink. Light scent£10.00
Lucky StarsDark red. Light scent£10.00
Sweet DreamDeep apricot.Light scent£10.00
Sweet MemoriesPale lemon yellow. Light scent£10.00



Quirky cacti, lush foliage and exotic orchids
Adromischus mix £1.75
Aloe Vera £3.49
Aloe Vera lge £8.49
Big Cactus Ball Terracotta £29.00
Cactus £3.79
Cactus 15cm pot £8.99
Cactus Cereus Peruvianus £25.00
Cactus Cereus Spiralis £16.50
Cactus rustic terracotta £6.99
Ceropegia Woodii hanging pot£12.70
Crassula 5.5cm £1.75
Areca ceramic £22.99
Aspidistra £30.00
Asplenium Leslie £7.00
Bonsai £15.00
Calathea Medallion £14.99
Calathea pict. Argentea £9.49
Calathea rufibarba £4.75
Codiaeum mix stem 5.5 £2.99
Dracaena Dragon mix £7.00
Ficus lyrata £38.99
Ficus mix £6.99
Howea Forsteriana £68.99
Monstera Leichtlinii £14.49
Ficus pumila £4.49
Hedera mixed £2.49
Hoya carn. Albomarginata £9.99
Azalea 15cm pot £6.00
azalea in a basket £10.00
Cyclamen basket trio £11.75
Cyclamen Mixed 13cm pot £6.99
Cambrian Orchid £20.00
Hyacinth teacup £12.99
Aeschynanthus – Hang Pot £23.49


Potted bulbs perfect for the patio or a gift and a colourful range of summer flowering bulbs ready to plant
Cyclamen Coum 9cm £3.99
Hellebore 3litre mixed varieties£6.00
Miniature Daffodil (Pot Luck)£3.99
Miniature Daffodil Jetfire £3.99
Miniature Daffodil Tete a Tete£3.99
Snowdrops 9cm £2.25
Spring bulb patio pot 10L £19.99
spring bulb pot £4.99
Garden Harmony Orange Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony Orange Garden£12.99
Garden Harmony Pink Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony Pink Garden£12.99
Garden Harmony Purple Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony Purple Garden£12.99
Garden Harmony Red Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony Red Garden£12.99
Garden Harmony White Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony White Garden£12.99
Garden Harmony Yellow Dahlia£12.99
Garden Harmony Yellow Garden£12.99


Elegant, long lasting and practical

Wide range of carbon steel and stainless steel tools including a lightweight selection.  Built to last!

Bypass, anvil and ratchet all stocked.

High quality and robust.  Galvanised or polypropylene.


Carefully chosen varieties - many locally discovered
Apple Ashmeads Kernel M116£16.50
Apple Beauty of Bath MM106£16.50
Apple Blenheim Orange M26£16.50
Apple Bramley 20 MM106 £16.50
Apple Christmas Pippin MM106£16.50
Apple Cornish Gilliflower M116£16.50
Apple Howgate Wonder MM106£16.50
Apple Red Windsor MM106£16.50
Apple Worcester Pearmain MM106£16.50
Apricot Goldcot £27.60
Apricot Tomcot £30.80
Cherry Burcombe (Gisela5) £25.00
Gage Early Transparent (St Julien A)£24.00
Pear Black Worcester (Kirchensaller)£20.00
Pear Concorde (Quince Eline)£20.00
Pear Conference (Quince Eline)£20.00
Pear Williams Bon Chretien (Quince A)£20.00
Plum Avalon St Julien A 1yr £21.00
Plum Warwickshire Drooper half std St Julien A 2yr£28.00
Plum Yellow Pershore St Julien A 1yr£21.00
Quince Isfahan quince A 1yr£21.00
Blackcurrant Ben Connan £4.75
Blackcurrant Ben Sarek £4.75
Blueberry Vaccinium Corybosum£7.99
Gooseberry Captivator £7.00
Whitecurreant Blanka £5.00


Thompson & Morgan. Flowers, vegetables, peas and beans plus a small garden / patio range
Alyssum Carpet of SnowA-Z – F: sow J1-M5£1.99
Antirrhinum Dwarf Bedding MixedA-Z – F: sow D12-M3£2.69
Antirrhinum Magic CarpetKew Urban – Flowers: sow D12-M3£1.99
Aquilegia McKana Giant Hybrids MixedA-Z – F: sow AYA£2.29
Aquilegia Sweet RainbowsKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£2.99
Aster Ostrich Plume MixedKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-A4£1.99
Aster Starlight MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Begonia semperflorens Options MixedA-Z – F: sow D12-M3£3.49
Busy Lizzie WorldbeaterA-Z – F: sow J7-O10£2.99
Calendula Art Shades MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£1.99
Californian Poppy MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£1.99
Candytuft Dwarf Fairy MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£1.99
Cornflower Dairy MaidKew Urban – Flowers: sow S9-J6£2.69
Cornflower Polka Dot MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£2.49
Cornflower Trailing Blue CarpetA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£2.49
Cosmos Brightness MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.99
Cosmos Cupcakes – MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£1.99
Cosmos LemonadeA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.49
Cosmos Sensation MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.69
Dahlia Dwarf MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Delphinium Pacific Hybrids MixedA-Z – F: sow J6-M3£2.99
Dianthus Siberian BlueKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£2.99
Diascia Rose QueenKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-A4£2.69
Easy AnnualsA-Z – F: sow M3-J6£2.99
Echinacea Pink ParasolA-Z – F: sow AYA£2.99
Forget Me Not Symphony BlueKew Urban – Flowers: sow M5-A8£1.99
Foxglove Excelsior Hybrids MixedA-Z – F: sow AYA£2.29
Foxglove Milk ChocolateKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£2.69
Foxglove Mountains MixedKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£2.99
Godetia Improved Dwarf MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£1.99
Green ManureGreen Manure: sow AYA£2.99
Hollyhock Powder Puffs MixedA-Z – F: sow J6-M3£2.29
Lavender multifida OreganoKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£1.99
Lavender Munstead DwarfA-Z – F: sow AYA£2.99
Lobelia (Trailing) Rainbow Cascade MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.69
Lobelia (Trailing) Sapphire CascadeA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.69
Lobelia String of Pearls MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Lupin Band of Nobles MixedA-Z – F: sow AYA£2.99
Lupin Dwarf Pink FairyKew Urban – Flowers: sow AYA£2.69
Marigold Bonita Mixed (French)A-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.29
Marigold Boy O Boy Orange (French)A-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.49
Marigold Durango BoleroKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-A4£2.69
Marigold Naughty Marietta (French)A-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.29
Nasturtium Alaska MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.69
Nasturtium Climbing MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.49
Nasturtium Dwarf Compact MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.69
Nasturtium Jewel of AfricaA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.99
Nasturtium Ladybird MixA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.49
Nasturtium Orchid FlameA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.99
Nasturtium Tom Thumb MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.49
Nasturtium Whirlybird CreamKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-J6£2.69
Nemesia Tapestry MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.69
Nicotiana Eau De Cologne Mixed F1 HybridA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Nigella Persian Jewels MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-M5£2.69
Pansy Clear Crystal MixedA-Z – F: sow J7-M3£2.99
Penstemon Husker’s RedKew Urban – Flowers: sow J6-F2£2.99
Petunia Colour Parade Mixed F1 HybridA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Poppy (Meconopsis) GrandisKew Urban – Flowers: sow S9-M5£3.99
Poppy AlbumA-Z – F: sow M3-M5£2.49
Poppy FlandersA-Z – F: sow J1-A4£2.69
Poppy Tallulah Belle BlushKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-M5£1.99
Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarfs MixedA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.99
Salvia Blaze of FireA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£3.49
Stocks Dwarf Ten Week MixedA-Z – F: sow J1-M5£1.99
Stocks Night ScentedA-Z – F: sow S9-J6£1.99
Sunflower Dwarf Yellow SprayA-Z – F: sow M3-J6£2.99
Sunflower Elite Sun F1 HybridA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.99
Sunflower Key Lime PieKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-J6£2.69
Sunflower Little Dorrit F1 HybridA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£2.99
Sunflower Russian GiantA-Z – F: sow F2-J6£1.99
Sweet Pea Antique Fantasy MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea Bright & BreezyKew Urban – Flowers: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea Early Mammoth MixedA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£2.69
Sweet Pea Elegant LadiesA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea Heirloom Bicolour MixA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea Heirloom MixA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea King Size Navy BlueKew Urban – Flowers: sow S9-A4£2.99
Sweet Pea Patio MixedKew Urban – Flowers: sow S9-A4£1.99
Sweet Pea Scent InfusionA-Z – F: sow S9-A4£1.99
Sweet William Excelsior MixedA-Z – F: sow J6-S9£2.29
Tagetes Golden GemA-Z – F: sow F2-A4£2.29
Verbena bonariensisA-Z – F: sow S9-J7£2.99
Verbena St GeorgeKew Urban – Flowers: sow F2-A4£2.69
Wallflower Dwarf Brilliant BedderA-Z – F: sow M5-J7£2.99
Wallflower Persian CarpetKew Urban – Flowers: sow M5-J7£1.99
Wild Flower Honey Bee Flower MixA-Z – F: sow M3-M5£2.49
Zinnia Queeny MixedA-Z – F: sow M3 – M5£3.49
Calendula Fruit TwistMr Men Little Miss: sow S9-J6£1.99
Nasturtium Whirlybird MixedMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-J6£1.99
Ox Eye DaisyMr Men Little Miss: sow S9-M5£1.99
Poppy FlandersMr Men Little Miss: sow J1-A4£1.99
Sunflower Helios FlameMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-J6£1.99
Beneficial Flowers Perfect for Pollinators MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Flower Garden Annuals & Perennials MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Flower Garden Easy Annuals MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Pollinators Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Sempervivum Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Sweet Peas Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Wild Flowers Classic Meadow MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Wild Flowers Cornfield Annuals MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Wild Flowers Ultimate MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Wild Flowers Woodland Shade MixScatter Garden Packs£8.99
Aubergine PinstripeKew Urban – Veg: sow J1-A4£2.99
Basil AristotleKew Urban – Veg: sow AYA£2.99
Bean Dwarf AmethystKew Urban – Veg: sow A4-J7£2.99
Beet Cardeal F1 HybridKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£2.69
Beet Pabloaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Beet Wodan F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Broad Bean Aquadulce ClaudiaP&B: sow S9-A4£3.29
Broad Bean Bunyards ExhibitionP&B: sow F2-A4£2.99
Broad Bean de Monicaaward of garden merit: sow S9-A4£2.99
Broad Bean ExpressP&B: sow S9-A4£3.29
Broad Bean Masterpiece Green LongpodP&B: sow S9-A4£2.99
Broad Bean OscarP&B: sow S9-A4£1.99
Broad Bean Robin HoodP&B: sow S9-A4£3.99
Broad Bean The SuttonP&B: sow S9-A4£2.99
Brussels Sprout Marte F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-A4£3.49
Butternut Squash Hunteraward of garden merit: sow M3-M5£3.99
Cabbage Elisa F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£2.99
Cabbage Savoy Clarissaaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£2.99
Calabrese Fiesta F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-J6£2.99
Carrot Bangoraward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Carrot CaracasKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£2.49
Carrot NandorKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£2.69
Carrot Paris Market – AtlasKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£1.99
Carrot Sweet Candle F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Cauliflower (Romanesco) Veronica F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-J6£3.99
Cauliflower Boris F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£2.99
Celery Tango F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£2.99
Climbing Bean BlauhildeP&B: sow A4-J7£3.69
Climbing Bean Borlotto Lingua (Firetongue)P&B: sow A4-J7£3.29
Climbing Bean Cobraaward of garden merit: sow A4-J7£3.99
Climbing Bean MixedP&B: sow A4-J6£2.99
Courgette British Summertime F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-M5£2.99
Courgette FirenzeKew Urban – Veg: sow A4-J6£2.69
Courgette Midnight (spineless)Kew Urban – Veg: sow M3-M5£3.29
Courgette Orelia F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow A4-J6£2.99
Cucumber Mini Munchaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£3.99
Dwarf Bean BostonP&B: sow A4-J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean CaledoniaP&B: sow A4 – J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean NauticaP&B: sow F2-J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean Nomadaward of garden merit: sow A4-J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean OperaP&B: sow A4-J7£3.29
Dwarf Bean Purple TeepeeP&B: sow A4-J7£3.69
Dwarf Bean Sonestaaward of garden merit: sow A4-J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean SpeedyP&B: sow A4-J7£2.99
Dwarf Bean TendergreenP&B: sow A4-J7£3.69
Dwarf Runner Bean HestiaP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Fennel Victorio F1 HybridA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.99
Herb Basil British OutdoorA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Basil Crimson KingA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Basil LemonadeA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Basil Lettuce LeafA-Z – V: sow F2-J6£2.29
Herb Basil PestoA-Z – V Promo 99p: sow F2-J6£0.99
Herb Basil Siam QueenA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Basil Sweet GreenA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb BorageA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Bouquet DillA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb ChamomileA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb ChervilA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb ChivesA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb ComfreyA-Z – V: sow M3-M5£2.99
Herb CorianderA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Coriander CalypsoA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb FennelA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Fennel BronzeA-Z – V: sow A4-M5£2.29
Herb Fennel Dragon F1 HybridA-Z – V: sow M3 – M5£1.99
Herb Garlic ChivesA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Hyssop TricolourA-Z – V Promo 99p: sow AYA£0.99
Herb Lemon BalmA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb LovageA-Z – V: sow M3-M5£2.29
Herb Marjoram SweetA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Mint (Peppermint)A-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb OreganoA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Parsley ChampionA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Parsley LauraA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Parsley LisetteA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Parsley Plain Leaved (Sheeps) 2A-Z – V: sow AYA£2.69
Herb Parsley Titanaward of garden merit: sow AYA£2.29
Herb RocketA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Rocket DiscoveryA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Rocket WildA-Z – V: sow AYA£1.99
Herb RosemaryA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Russian TarragonA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb SageA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb SorrelA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Thyme Olde EnglishA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Wild Rocket WasabiA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Herb Wild Rocket WildfireA-Z – V: sow AYA£2.29
Kale Reflexaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£2.99
Kale StarborKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-M5£1.99
Leek Herfstruezen 3 – Porviteaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£2.99
Lettuce Colour Shades Mixedaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Lettuce Greenhearting Mixedaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Lettuce HollywoodKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£2.99
Lettuce Maureenaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Lettuce Tantanaward of garden merit: sow F2-J7£2.99
Mangetout Oregon Sugar PodP&B: sow F2-M5£3.69
Mangetout Pea Mix – All SeasonP&B: sow A4-J7£3.99
Mangetout Pea Snow Windaward of garden merit: sow A4-J7£2.99
Mangetout Pea Sugar Laceaward of garden merit: sow A4-J7£2.99
Mangetout ShirazP&B: sow M3-M5£3.69
Melon Alvaro F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-M5£3.99
Onion Feastaward of garden merit: sow F2-A4£2.99
Onion Salad Apache (Deep Purple)award of garden merit: sow F2-J6£2.69
Parsnip Albionaward of garden merit: sow F2-A4£2.99
Pea AvolaKew Urban – Veg: sow M3-M5£1.99
Pea BingoKew Urban – Veg: sow M3-J7£2.69
Pea BoogieP&B: sow M3-M5£2.99
Pea EddyP&B: sow M3-M5£1.99
Pea Hurst Green ShaftP&B: sow M3-M5£2.99
Pea JumboP&B: sow M3-M5£2.99
Pea Kelvedon WonderP&B: sow M3-M5£2.99
Pea PaccoP&B: sow M3-J6£1.69
Pea RondoP&B: sow M3-M5£3.69
Pea TerrainP&B: sow M3-J7£2.99
Pepper Chilli KrakatoaKew Urban – Veg: sow J1-A4£2.99
Pepper Sweet IngridKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-A4£1.99
Pepper Sweet Mohawkaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£2.99
Radish AmethystKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-A8£1.99
Radish French Breakfast 4 – Francisaward of garden merit: sow F2-A8£2.99
Rocket Astraaward of garden merit: sow AYA£2.69
Rocket Sweet OakleafKew Urban – Veg: sow AYA£1.99
Runner Bean Achievementaward of garden merit: sow A4-J6£3.99
Runner Bean BenchmasterP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean DesireeP&B: sow A4-J6£3.99
Runner Bean EnormaP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean MoonlightP&B: sow A4-J6£3.99
Runner Bean PolestarP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean PrizewinnerP&B: sow A4-J6£3.29
Runner Bean Scarlet EmperorP&B: sow A4-J6£2.99
Runner Bean Snowstormaward of garden merit: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean St. GeorgeP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean Summer MedleyP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean TenderstarP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Runner Bean White LadyP&B: sow A4-J6£3.69
Salad Cut n Come AgainKew Urban – Veg: sow AYA£2.69
Salad Leaves Colourfully Mild MixKew Urban – Veg: sow AYA£2.69
Spinach Amazonaward of garden merit: sow F2-M5£2.99
Spinach Mikado F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-A8£2.49
Spinach Picasso F1 HybridKew Urban – Veg: sow M3-A8£1.99
Spring Onion PompeiiKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-J7£1.99
Spring Onion PurpletteKew Urban – Veg: sow F2-A4£1.99
Swede Broraaward of garden merit: sow F2-A4£2.69
Sweet Corn Lark F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-M5£2.99
Sweet Corn Ovation F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow M3-M5£2.99
Swiss Chard Fordhook Giantaward of garden merit: sow M3-A8£1.99
Tomato Akron F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow F2-A4£2.99
Tomato Aperoaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£3.99
Tomato Cherrie KissesKew Urban – Veg: sow J1-A4£2.99
Tomato Cherrola F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£2.99
Tomato Cristal F1 Hybridaward of garden merit: sow J1-A4£2.99
Turnip AtlanticKew Urban – Veg: sow M3-A8£1.99
Broccoli Bell StarMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-J6£1.99
Carrot RomanceMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-J7£1.99
Cress Extra CurledMr Men Little Miss: sow AYA£1.99
Cucumber (La) Diva F1 HybridMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-M5£1.99
Pea Terrain Mr MenMr Men Little Miss: sow M3-J7£1.99
Pepper BonetaMr Men Little Miss: sow J1-A4£1.99
Runner Bean MoonlightMr Men Little Miss: sow A4-J6£1.99
Squash HarrierMr Men Little Miss: sow F2-J6£1.99
Sweetcorn SwiftMr Men Little Miss: sow A4-M5£1.99
Tomato Sweet AperitifMr Men Little Miss: sow J1-A4£1.99
Gourmet Kitchen Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Rainbow Veg Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Red Hot Chilli Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99
Exotic Fruit Grow KitGrow Kits£9.99


A selection of wild bird foods, beautiful bird tables and feeders

Classic seed mix, No More Mess, peanuts, mealworms, fat balls and sunflower hearts all stocked

We stock a selection of tables and feeders including the Tom Chambers slate roofed range

Hedgehog numbers have fallen by 66% in the last 20 years.  We stock specialist hedgehog food and nesting boxes to help our prickly friends!