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Asparagus Fern


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Description – An attractive indoor fern with soft, feathery foliage, the Asparagus Fern sits beautifully within any contemporary or modern interior. The fresh green leaves are a welcome splash of natural colour which suits all styles. With its soft texture, this fern is a particularly lovely desk plant – the perfect living greenery for any well-lit home or office space.

Sowing – Sow seeds in to good, freedraining, potting soil. Place in a well-lit room away from cold draughts and radiators, with a constant temperature above 16°C (60°F). Average room temperatures of 18°C (65°F) – 24°C (75°F) are preferable. Requires a bright but lightly shaded spot, away from the direct glare of the sun.

Growing – Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into larger pots and position Asparagus setaceus in a well-lit room.

Flowers – July to September

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