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Cabbage Cabbice F1 Hybrid


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Hardy Annual

Description – A delicious, summer/early winter salad alternative to shredded iceberg lettuce. Thick, very crunchy leaves with a mild sweetness, and non-peppery but distinctive taste. A larger, pale green headed ‘Primo’ type, heads 1 to 2kgs, dependant on plant spacing, 90 days from transplant. Cut heads store for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Sowing – Sow in individual pots or a seed tray of good seed compost and cover with 6mm (¼in) of compost or vermiculite, at a minimum of 15C (60F), until germination which takes around 7 days. Alternatively, can be sown thinly in a prepared seedbed 13mm (½in) deep, allowing 30cm (12in) between rows.

Growing – Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into larger pots, or transplant from the seedbed around 5 weeks from sowing. Allow 50cm x 35cm (20in x 14in) between plants, wider spacing will produce larger and heavier heads. Plant firmly and water well until plants are established.

Harvest – July to November

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