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Floribunda Rose Sheila's Perfume

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Type – Floribunda (M); Height – 2.5ft to 4ft; Spread – 3ft (90cm)

Suitability – Full sun; Very large containers only; Suitable for hedging; Very good disease resistance; Good for cutting

Style – Yellow with red edges double -high centred tea rose with a highly scented stunning tea rose scent and mid green semi-glossy foliage.

Blooms of eye-catching, veined yellow petals edged with red.  This makes a very fine cut flower with a stunning scent.  
The glossy, bronze early foliage turns mid-green and semi-glossy when mature. It can grow anywhere from 2.5ft to 4ft. Sheilas Perfume is often mistaken for a hybrid tea as the blooms are often produced singly and are high centred.  Its good branching habit is what categorises it as a floribunda.  John Sheridan, an amateur rose grower bred this rose.  It’s creation story really highlights the complexity of rose breeding: The pollen taken from an unnamed cross of Rosa Daily Sketch and an unnamed cross of Rosa Prima Ballerina and Rosa Paddy McGredy, was used to fertilise Peer Gynt and the resulting seed eventually became Sheila’s Perfume.

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