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Marjoram Sweet


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Hardy Annual

Description – Cooking: Mild and sweet it is delicious in stuffings, soups, stews, omelettes, cheese dishes, fish sauces and salads. Sprinkle over pork, mutton, liver and veal before roasting and add to melted butter to garnish vegetables.

Companion Plant: Sow with Broccoli to repel the cabbage butterfly.

Nature’s Remedy: Depresssion and hyprochandria are frequent problems today. Herbalists have always recommended Marjoram for this, to lower high blood pressure and combat headaches, and neuralgia. Much used as a tonic particularly after influenza and as a gentle mild laxative. Pour a cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoonful of fresh leaves, cover and leave for several minutes. Sweeten with honey if desired

Sowing – Sow from late winter to early summer 1.5mm (1/16in) deep in John Innes Seed Compost. Make sure the compost is moist but not wet, seal in a polythene bag until after germination which usually takes 14-21 days at 16-18C (60-65F).

Growing – Transplant when large enough to handle into 8cm (3in) pots. Later plant out 3cm (12in) apart in ordinary soil in full sun

Harvest – June to October

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