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Lettuce Four Colour Mizuna Mixed



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Description – Attractive ‘Oriental Greens’ mix with eat-all, tender mild leaves and slender stems. Sow a few seeds each month in pots or trays on a windowsill inside for year-round salad leaves. Can also be grown on for larger plants, but these may ‘bolt’ in summer heat.

Sowing – Sow 3-4 seeds indoors in 5cm (2in) pots or used vending cups, or very thinly in a seed tray of good quality seed compost. Cover with 6mm (¼in) of vermiculite or compost and keep at a minimum temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F) until after germination which usually takes 4-7 days. Alternatively, sow very thinly in a wellprepared seedbed 12mm (½in) deep in drills 23cm (9in) apart.

Growing – Transplant seedlings after about 4 weeks from sowing, or when large enough to handle. Ideally plant in ‘square metre’ blocks allowing 25-36 plants per m². Plant firmly and keep well watered for optimum results and to reduce bolting. Use fleece/environmesh to protect against caterpillar and aphid attack.

Harvest – August to October

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