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Tomato Sweet Aperitif


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Description – Mr. Happy is ALWAYS happy! One of his favourite places to be happy is in his garden – he loves digging the soil, sowing seeds and watering his plants. And when his plants grow tall and healthy, he’s even more happy!

Sowing – Sow seeds 1cm (½in) deep in small pots of compost on a windowsill.

Growing – I think growing tasty things to eat makes EVERYONE happy. When I sow them, I make sure the seeds are kept nice and warm in their pots, making sure I water them before popping into a clear plastic bag on my windowsill to help them grow, then I uncover when the seedlings start to show! Tomatoes make me especially happy because they just taste like summery sunshine and they look like cheery red faces!

Harvest – July to September

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