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Onion Redlander F1


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Description – The first red onion variety to boast high resistance to downy mildew which can affect quality and yield. Careful breeding has produced this Rijnsburgertype onion with round bulbs and great storage potential. Its mild flavour makes it ideal for slicing raw in salads or atop a burger, or adding to any number of cooked dishes.

Sowing – Sow seed thinly, 1cm (½in) deep, in drills 30cm (12in) apart.

Growing – When large enough to handle, thin seedlings to 5cm (2in) apart. Later, thin out to 10cm (4in) apart. As the leaves start to yellow, bend over the tops, leave for 14 days then lift for storing once thoroughly ripened.

Aftercare – SERVING SUGGESTION: Chopped red onion makes a great addition to a potato and mayonnaise salad at a summer barbeque.

Harvest – August to October

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