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Broad Bean Oscar


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Hardy Annual

Description – The small but flavoursome beans are the best option for freezer storage, being far less prone to discolouring than larger varieties. Oscar pods can also be picked before filling out and treated as a mangetout pea, but to get the most from your broad bean crop allow pods to fill and pick whilst young and tender. Compact plants with upright pods grow well in patio containers and stand well in open ground with no supports.

Sowing – Sow seed 5cm (2in) deep into well-prepared soil. Sow double rows, allowing 23cm (9in) between plants and 30cm (12in) between each row. The growing season can be extended by sowing under cloches.

Growing – Pinch out the tips of the plants when in full flower to help the pods swell and to help reduce infestation of blackfly. Pick frequently when pods are well-filled but still tender.

Harvest – June to August

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