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Pea Eddy


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Hardy Annual

Description – Pea Eddy is perfect for a late harvest, thanks to new Continental breeding in mildew resistance. Highly resistant to powdery mildew in our UK field trials, remaining problem-free well into November – can be sown as late as first week of August for a crop before the frosts. Also sow in spring for summer crops of long, slightly curved, pointed pods.

Sowing – Direct sow peas outdoors from March to July, once the soil has warmed. Choose a weed-free position on moist, fertile, well drained soil in full sun. Sow pea seed in flat bottomed drills at a distance of 5cm (2in) apart, and 4cm (1½in) deep. Allow a distance of 75cm (30in) between rows. For successional crops, sow peas every 10 days.

Growing – When growing peas, regular and thorough watering especially when in flower will improve crop yields. Harvest peas around 14 weeks after sowing when the pods have swollen. Regular picking will encourage further cropping.

Aftercare – Delicious and full of flavour, steamed or boiled the traditional way.

Harvest – June to October

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