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Pea Meteor


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Hardy Annual

Description – Round (First Early)
Pea Meteor has a neat, dwarf habit producing an abundance of small but well-filled pods. Very good winter hardiness, even in exposed areas as a an autumn variety. Pea Meteor is better flavoured than the old variety Feltham First and ideal for that first dish of the season.

Sowing – Ideal autumn sown for over-wintering but can be spring sown. Sow seeds late October-November, or sow in March. Sow seeds 5cm (2in) deep in flat bottomed drills spacing seeds about 2.5-5cm (1-2in) apart in rows about 60cm (2ft) apart.

Growing – When plants are about 1cm (4in) tall provide twiggy sticks or netting for support. Over-wintered sowings will be ready in May for the first dish of the season. From spring sowings the seed will be ready to harvest around 12 weeks from sowing, and regul

Aftercare – Net against pigeons, which can be a problem in many areas, and cover with muslin just before flowering to avoid attack by pea moth.

Prefers well drained, moist, rich soil in an open situation and fully winter hardy if not grown in waterlogged soils. Harvest from May.

Harvest – May to July

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