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Pepper Chilli Prairie Fire


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Half hardy Annual

Description – These peppers might look small, but they certainly make up for size when it comes to flavour! One bushy plant will give you a non-stop summer crop of literally hundreds of mini, extremely hot peppers. (Capsicum annuum)

Sowing – Sow seeds early spring in a good seed compost and barely cover the seeds. Germination usually takes 8-14 days at 24-27C (75-80F).

Growing – Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) and finally into 2cm (8in) pots or growbags. Aim for a night temperature of between 16-24C (6-75F) otherwise fruit setting may be poor. Likewise keep daytime temperature around 24C (75F)

Aftercare – As the flowers form ensure the compost is always evenly moist. Give a weak application of fertiliser as the blossoms open and water well. For continued cropping, pick the fruit as soon as they start to colour and ripen off the plant.

Harvest – July to October

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