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Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor


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Half hardy Annual

Description – Runner beans like to grow up canes as they grow very tall with lots and lots of dangling green beans 30-37cm long in the summer. The bright red flowers of Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor attract butterflies and bees. The beans are tasty and very good for you to eat. Height: 2m.

Sowing – Sow me indoors in 7.5cm pots of moist compost. Make a hole 5cm deep, push in one seed and cover with compost. Put the pot in a polythene bag and put in a propagator or warm place around 18-20C. Keep the surface of the compost moist but not too wet. I will appear in 7-10 days. As I come through the compost move my pot to a bright position.

Growing – When all the frosts have gone, plant me outside in a sunny position 45cm apart.

Aftercare – ASK AN ADULT TO HELP – Make a wig-wam or frame from canes and string for your beans to grow up.

Harvest – August, September

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