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Salad Leaves Stir Fry Mix


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Description – Versatile mix of salad leaves which are delicious cooked gently in stir fries or eaten raw in salads. Sow outdoors from April to June, providing protection from aphids and caterpillars with enviromesh, then sow from September to March under glass to provide a long cropping season. Leaves will be ready to harvest within 8-10 weeks from sowing.

Sowing – Sow very thinly, 12mm (½in) deep, in rows 38cm (15in) apart. Alternatively sow singularly in jiffy modules or similar, or space sow 25mm (1in) apart in filled seed trays of moist seed compost.

Growing – Thin to 10cm (4in) for ‘baby leaf’, to 20cm (8in) for larger plants and to 30cm (12in) for fully mature plants. Transplant module raised plants to 30cm (12in) apart. Keep well watered throughout the growing period to avoid bolting and flavour loss, especially during summer. Harvest outdoor sowings June to October and under glass sowings November to May.

Harvest – January to November

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