Takeaways made with the freshest and tastiest ingredients we can lay our hands on!

The Longhorn Burger Award winning 6oz Longhorn beef burger (28 day dry aged in a Himalayan Salt Chamber) in a Salt Bakehouse bun, with cheese, red onion, gherkin, lettuce and our house burger sauce. Allergens – Gluten; Dairy; Egg; Fish (Worcestershire sauce in burger sauce); Mustard £8.00
The KGB – Kimchi Grain Burger (vegetarian) An umami filled veggie patty made by us from a mix of British grown grains, mushroom and walnuts, with cheese, kimchi mayonnaise, red onion and lettuce in a Salt Bakehouse burger bun. Allergens: Gluten; Dairy; Egg; Nuts; Soy £7.50
Cornish Hake Burger Fresh Cornish hake in a crispy breadcrumb with a saffron tartare sauce, salad, and pickles in a Salt Bakehouse bun. Allergens: Gluten; Fish; Egg £8.50
Falafel Pita (vegan) House made freshly fried fava bean falafels, our famous hummus, salad, ‘slaw, and pickles in a Salt Bakehouse pita bread Allergens: Sesame; Gluten £6.00
Falafel Salad Box (gluten free and vegan) House made falafels and hummus with mixed leaves, cabbage slaw and quinoa tabbouleh Allergens: Sesame £6.00
Children’s Cheeseburger 4oz burger with cheese and lettuce Allergens: Gluten; Dairy £5.50
Children’s Hummus Pita Pita bread with hummus and salad Allergens: Gluten £3.50
Fries Made from potatoes with their skin on £2.00
Cawston Apple 330ml Can. Made with pressed Jonagold, Gala & Braeburn apples with sparkling water. An apple orchard in a can. £2.00
Cawston Elderflower 330ml Can. Made with elderflower infusion, squeezed lemons, pressed apples and sparkling water. A summer’s walk down a country lane, in a can. £2.00
Cawston Ginger Beer 330ml Can. Made with ginger extract, pressed apples & sparkling water. A fiery tribute to a timeless classic. £2.00
Cawston Rhubarb & Apple 330ml Can.  Made with pressed rhubarb, apples & sparkling water. The stuff of crumbles & custards. £2.00
Dunkertons Black Fox Cider 6.8% ABV | 330ml Bottle.  A medium dry organic cider hand crafted with up to 14 different, carefully blended cider apple varieties to deliver a deliciously rounded cider with a lively, tangy finish and light honey hues. £2.40
Dunkertons Craft Sparkling Cider 5% ABV | 500ml Bottle.  Easy drinking Organic sparkling cider with a deep apple flavour and perfect balance of acidity and tannins to deliver a moreish and well-rounded finish. £3.40
Stroud Brewery Budding Pale Ale 4.5% ABV | 500ml Bottle.  An Organic and Vegan pale ale with a grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma.  Fuggles is used as the main bittering hop – then late hopped for a luscious floral aroma. £3.50
Stroud Brewery Light Lager 500ml 4.0% ABV. | 500ml Bottle.  A light organic and vegan lager, brewed with organic Saaz hops.  Crisp, clean and refreshing. £3.80
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